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Dallas Traffic Ticket Warrant Lawyer | $50 Per Ticket

A skilled traffic ticket attorney is often successful in getting traffic tickets dismissed or kept off of your driving record. At London and London we have had success in getting traffic tickets dismissed and keeping our clients’ driving records clean. If you have received traffic tickets in Dallas, our attorneys can help you. Call us today at 214-748-5200.

Have you forgotten about old traffic tickets? Traffic tickets go into warrant status when they are not taken care of in a timely manner. Avoid arrest and contact the skilled attorneys at London and London. Our attorneys can have your traffic warrants removed and get you a new court date.

We can help! Call 214-748-5200. The attorneys at London & London help people like you every day. If you have been pulled over, arrested or given a warning for outstanding traffic tickets look no further. Having delinquent traffic tickets can affect your driving record resulting in omni fees and state surcharges. We handle most traffic tickets for only $50 including tickets in warrant status.

Don’t delay. Call us today. Stop looking over your shoulder and get your warrants lifted

$50 traffic ticket defense.